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The Year of Overflow 2020

Every year Apostle John E. Sagoe releases a prophetic focus to guide us for the whole year. This is being released in our prophetic crossover night on 31st December.


Who We Are

“The Anointing breaks the yoke” Isaiah 10:27
The prophetic apostolic mandate on John E. Sagoe respectively New International Church is to bring the people out of bondage like Moses brought the Israelites out of the bondage of Egypt and to take them on a journey of preparation and transformation, which ultimately leads to their promised land. The prophetic aspect of this ministry deals with inner healing and deliverance so that God’s people can be set free from any kind of harassment. At the same time, we are raising a strong army full of powerful warriors for Christ in this end time battle, leading people into their calling with power, signs and wonders accompanying their gifts. It’s our prophetic mandate to create an atmosphere where the power of God can flow and the glory of God is made visible for God’s people to be set free, filled and empowered. At the same time, we have a prophetic call to speak to the nations and to prophesy to the nations on a global level. We are empowering revivalists who become world changers and make a lasting impact on the secular world. We strictly follow the voice of God and all our messages are prophetic.

The apostolic side of the calling means that New International Church is a global movement, called to take territory for Jesus Christ and build kingdom wherever we go, imparting, training and sending out strong leaders to liberate the people and change the world.